Kayhan Gültekin

I’m an assistant professor of astronomy at the University of Michigan.

I study black holes with a focus on pairs (bound and unbound) of supermassive black holes, their accretion properties, and gravitational wave signals from them.

About My Research

Kayhan Gültekin

I’m an assistant professor of astronomy at the University of Michigan.

I teach a number of different courses at the undergraduate non-major and undergraduate major level. If you are taking one of my classes get more information from the UM Canvas site.

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Supermassive Black Holes

I will be giving an invited talk at the conference Supermassive Black Holes in Pucón, Chile 7–12 December 2020. By an amazing coincidence, this happens to be right before a total solar eclipse visible from Pucón! There is still time to register for this sweet conference.

Black Holes at All scales

Assuming the meeting will still be held, I will be giving an invited talk at the 8th Annual Giant Magellan Telescope Community Science Meeting, “Black Holes at all Scales” in Sedona, Arizona, being held 9–11 September 2020. You should, by all means, sign up to attend. There is a great list of speakers.

Picture of a crowded field of stars some red, some blue of varying brightness

My travels, actual and canceled

I meant to put my semester travel itinerary up on the news, but I waited too long, and now several things have been canceled. But just to pretend like things are normal in some way, here are my past travel dates and future (now canceled) travel dates. I also have future not-yet-canceled travel dates. 23–26 […]

Cover of the LISA proposal document showing a representation of the triangular pattern of the planned LISA spacecraft with Earth in the background and a starry field in the far background. The title reads "LISA: Laser Interferometer Space Antenna". The subtitle is "A proposal in response to the ESA call for L3 mission concepts" At the bottom reads: "Lead Proposer: Prof. Dr. Karsten Danzmann"

NASA LISA Study Team

Happy to announce that I was just selected as a member of the NLST, which stands for NASA (which stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration) LISA (which stands for Laser Space Interferometer Antenna) Study Team! The NLST is charged as proxies for the future LISA user community in the US, to provide scientific analysis […]

Introducing BAYMAX

Adi Foord has a new paper out for the group on a dual AGN candidate that turns out not to be a dual AGN. It is a single AGN, despite appearances to the eye. We know this because of the code that Adi developed, which we call BAYMAX (Bayesian AnalYsis of Multiple AGN in X-rays). […]