Kayhan G├╝ltekin

I’m an assistant professor of astronomy at the University of Michigan.

I study black holes with a focus on pairs (bound and unbound) of supermassive black holes, their accretion properties, and gravitational wave signals from them.

About My Research

Kayhan G├╝ltekin

I’m an assistant professor of astronomy at the University of Michigan.

I teach a number of different courses at the undergraduate non-major and undergraduate major level. If you are taking one of my classes get more information from the UM Canvas site.

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A group of around 40 people standing at the front of a lecture hall.

COMO 2024

Three of us (Cayenne Matt, CJ Harris, and I) attended Compact Objects in Michigan and Ontario 2024. This year it was hosted by Henry Ford College. Cayenne and CJ gave talks on their most recent research.

screenshot of zoom presentation of dissertation defense. Left-hand panel shows powerpoint slide with amazing M-sigma plot. Right-hand panel shows room where defense is happening.

An alumna graduates!

A huge congratulations to former undergraduate group member Dr. Erica Hammerstein, who successfully defended her dissertation, titled ÔÇťPopulation Studies of Tidal Disruption Events and Their Hosts: Understanding Host Galaxy Preferences and the Origin of the Ultraviolet and Optical EmissionÔÇŁ. The NANOGrav results keep on coming out! The following papers were officially published in the past […]

ArtistÔÇÖs interpretation of an array of pulsars being affected by gravitational ripples produced by a supermassive black hole binary in a distant galaxy. Credit: Aurore Simonnet for the NANOGrav Collaboration

So much has happened!

It has been over a year since posting a news item, but it has been a busy year. I will do bullet points of the most important stuff that has happened. The evidence for gravitational wave background is huge news. It was a huge effort to get there from a team I have loved being […]

Group picture of 16 scientists in person with 3 virtually projected behind them.

NLST Meeting in Bothell, WA

I was in Bothell, WA right before AAS for a NASA LISA Study Team meeting. We put in some time thinking about the Science Ground Segment and the best ways for NASA to enable astrophysicists to extract science from LISA data. It’s really exciting to think about all the amazing stuff that will come from […]