A Chandra Survey of the Definitive Low-Luminosity AGN Sampl

The accretion mechanism and SED of black holes at low luminosities are critical questions regarding BHs, but they are still poorly understood. We propose for Chandra data of 22 LLAGN, that combined with existing archival data on 9, will yield a complete data set of all 31 galaxies in the Gemini/NIFS AO LLP black-hole mass campaign. These data will enable massive science: 1. Create the best LLAGN SEDs by virtue of the amount and quality of the data available for a sample with a broad range of black hole masses and Eddington ratios. 2. Specifically study the L_X-L_NIR relation, which is critical for understanding LLAGN and for making the most use of upcoming JWST data. 3. Add value to the Gemini LLP black-hole mass campaign by measuring BH accretion when Gemini find BH mass upper limits.