COMBH: Chandra Observations of M-sigma Black Holes

Galaxies with dynamically-measured central BH masses allow us to understand BH accretion, jets, and interactions between BHs and host galaxies with a clarity not possible in random surveys. By measuring true Eddington fractions, we can calculate the energy in radiation vs mechanical jet energy and the efficacy of BHs in heating nuclear regions and affecting star formation. Remarkably, 1/3 of SMBHs making up the M-sigma relation have been poorly observed or totally unobserved with Chandra. We propose a survey of 15 M-sigma galaxies to complete the sample of reliable M-sigma SMBHs. For each galaxy we propose to obtain 30-60 ks exposures and an hour-long VLA observation. This survey will test and extend the fundamental plane of BH activity and facilitate studies of the origin of M-sigma.