Confirming the Low-Mass, Sub-kpc Dual AGN Candidate in SDSS J0914+085

The frequency of dual AGNs at low galaxy/black hole mass is poorly constrained. Thus we lack a full physical understanding of the connection between galaxy mergers and AGN activity and therefore merger-driven feedback. In particular, it is unknown whether or not LLAGN can be triggered by mergers instead of only by stochastic processes. We will address this with a 50 ksec observation to test for a dual AGN in SDSS J0914+0853, a low-mass (MBH 10^6.3), dual LLAGN candidate based on serendipitous, shallow Chandra imaging. The 15-ksec data showed two X-ray sources, but the nature of the secondary source is ambiguous because of 10% pile-up and potential PSF artifacts. With deeper, short-frame-rate Chandra observations at a new roll angle, we can unambiguously determine if the secondary is real.