Testing Models of Circum-Binary-AGN Accretion

The basics of binary-supermassive-black hole accretion is observationally unconstrained. Without constraints, we are unable to make sound predictions about electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave events. We can finally test simulations of circum-binary accretion in PSO J334.2028+01.4075, a strong binary AGN candidate recently discovered by Liu et al. (2015). The two most basic set of predictions from simulations of circum-binary accretion models differ on whether the inner region of the accretion disk is mostly empty (a ÔÇťcavityÔÇŁ) or if there is substantial accretion onto one or both of the members of the binary. The two predictions differ by orders of magnitude in X-ray flux and thus allow a clear test with a 40 ksec Chandra observation.