Theodore Dunham, Jr. Grants for Research in Astronomy

I request $3,000 to purchase a workstation to carry out data reduction, spectral fitting, and statistical analysis┬áof joint Chandra X-ray and VLA radio data sets approved to be observed from June 2014 to September┬á2015 (accepted Chandra proposal 16700232). These observations will allow us to discriminate between┬ácompeting models of the ÔÇťfundamental planeÔÇŁ of black hole accretion. The fundamental plane relates the┬áX-ray luminosity, radio luminosity, and mass of an accreting black hole, and it demonstrates that there is┬áan intimate connection between inflow and outflow around black holes. Once analyzed, our new data will┬álet us put the sorely missing largest supermassive black holes (SMBHs) on the fundamental plane. Then┬áwe can solve a critical question: Do SMBHs and stellar-mass black holes follow the same plane, or do they┬áeach follow their own, separate plane? Finally, once we have the full fundamental plane that includes the┬ágiant SMBHs (whether it is a single plane or two), we will be able to use the plane as a tool to estimate┬áother SMBH masses with higher fidelity and for sources where other methods are useless. This is especially┬áimportant for the largest black holes, which are critical players in a number of astrophysical sub-fields.