Introducing BAYMAX

Adi Foord has a new paper out for the group on a dual AGN candidate that turns out not to be a dual AGN. It is a single AGN, despite appearances to the eye. We know this because of the code that Adi developed, which we call BAYMAX (Bayesian AnalYsis of Multiple AGN in X-rays). BAYMAX calculates the posterior odds of a given X-ray observation being better explained by one or two point sources. Although it is less exciting that this particular object (SDSS J0914+0853) is not a dual AGN, you can tell that with the rigor with which Adi approached this object, when we eventually do assert that we have found a dual AGN, you will have that much more confidence.

An animated gif of a giant, white balloonish robot waving its hand and saying "Hello. I am Baymax."

You can read more about it on its research post page.